PG 1.80 Gear Set/Hy-Tuff Shorty/12 Tooth

PG 1.80 Gear Set/Hy-Tuff Shorty/12 Tooth  [28180F-01S]

Condition: New.

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Price: $886.00 / Kit

Sonnax offers complete GM Powerglide planetary assemblies in a variety of gear set options and configurations to ensure you get the performance you want without overpaying or sacrificing quality. Each comes fully assembled and ready to install.

Track-proven to 1,500 horsepower, Sonnax Contender planetaries are an affordable choice for high-quality builds on a budget. 1.80 Ratio Contender planetary assembly kit 28180F-01 features premium-processed sun and pinion gears that are a big step up from standard case-hardened and tempered varieties. High-quality materials combined with a special heat-treating process results in incredibly tough, wear-resistant gears.

  • High-quality sun and pinion gears deliver enhanced durability
  • High-strength output shaft resists twisting and breakage
  • Bolt-together carrier for ease of service
  • Carrier Assembly & Output Shaft OE Length, 4340 Shaft
  • Front Sun Gear & Drum Flange 12-Tooth
  • Ring Gear
  • Gear Process Level: Contender
  • Shaft Length Option: OE
  • Shaft Material: 4340
  • Ratio: 1.80
  • Flange Tooth Count: 12

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