C6 Transbrake

C6 Transbrake  [DAV3]

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In the early ‘90’s DYNAMIC Racing Transmission’s MIGHTY MITE C4 was instrumental in retiring many a C6 from the racing circuit.
The C4’s new found strength, consistency, and dependability made the C6, for the most part, an instant dinosaur. 
How ironic is it, then, that it’s the same Mighty Mite that is lending its technology to the C6 today to bring it to a level of competitiveness never before experienced by its users.
Outside of all out heads up drag racing, where fans of original American iron are not as likely to get hung up over a few pounds, the C6 is still a viable option.
And when a trans brake is legal, the DYNAMIC V-2 is the finest C6 brake a racer could choose. 
Comprised of a billet lower half and an upper half taken directly from the MIGHTY MITE C4, it utilizes an external solenoid for maximum mechanical and cooling efficiency.
The V-2 Brake is made to fit the late push-in modulator type case.

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