C4 Pump Assembly

C4 Pump Assembly  [DA4PA]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

Available Options:

Add Pump Gasket?:

Add Teflon Ring Kit?:

Intended Usage:

Price: $345.00 / Each

The "Heart" of a racing C-4.

If you expect your performance transmission to live, you need to ensure its pump is in top notch shape.

Dynamic Racing Transmissions has developed a process to improve pressure and flow in the stock C-4 Pump assembly.

Each unit is disassembled, modified and inspected before being put back together with new bushings and pump gears.

Ready for a set of our Teflon sealing rings and our competiton pump gasket.

Please select your intended usage above so that we can tailor the pump to your application.

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