C4 Mighty Mite X6

C4 Mighty Mite X6  [DT4X6]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

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Price: $3,295.00 / ea

The ORIGINAL Ultimate C-4 Transmission!

The Mighty Mite C-4 racing transmission is the original invention of Harold Miller at Dynamic Racing Transmissions. Over the years there have been many "copycats" and imposters posing as the real Mighty-Mite.
Lets set the record straight once and for all, Dynamic Racing Transmissions in Branford Ct is the sole inventor and builder of the Mighty-Mite C-4 Transmission PERIOD!

Take all the features of the Upgrade Comp, add the Brake Valve Body and additional rollerization, and you have the original Mighty Mite.
Although all DYNAMIC Transmissions are constantly being refined, the Mighty Mite is still available in its original configuration- at a reasonable price.


This is the top of the line C-4 . Absolutely the strongest racing C-4 that money can buy. Take all the features of the M2 and to that add:
- 6-pinion fully rollerized front planetary
- a modified C-6 Vasco shaft
To accomplish this transplant, much precision machine work is carried out.
The pump is re-bored and bushed, the forward drum is bored out and resplined, and to top it off,
the special input to output system utilizes Teflon to give previously unavailable lateral support.
With the added option of DYNAMIC's 2.20 gear set, the X-6 is the C4 of choice for the widest variety of the Fastest Fords- from Supercharged, Turbo, or Nitrous assisted Small Blocks, to the Hi-Rev Modular Cars.
No longer does an uncontrollable launch necessitate a change to a Glide, as the 2.20 does a great job in calming down squirrely" cars.
Simply put, when only the very best will do, DYNAMIC'S X-6, with a custom TCT Converter is the definitive choice, for racers anywhere!

Transmission prices do not include bell housing or blockplate.

NOTE: Due to the ever dwindling supply of usable transmissions cores we require either the customer supply us with a rebuildable core or, for a nominal fee, we will supply the core.

Customer supplied cores must be sent in PRIOR to the job being started.
If Customer supplied core is deemed "UNUSEABLE" a core charge will be applied to the bill and must be paid BEFORE the job begins.

This unit ships TRUCK FREIGHT. We will quote you the shipping cost once we receive your order.

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