C4 Mighty Mite 2

C4 Mighty Mite 2

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Date Added: Wednesday 29 May, 2019

by Andy Wood

If you are looking for the Best C4 trans built look no further than the Dynamic Mighty-Mite series... why do I say this?
Last year 2018 I began shopping around for a transmission for my 600hp 1971 F100 shop truck "Casper" that I was building. JR from Dynamic helped me decide what would be best for my application. In my opinion he went above and beyond because he spoke with me for over an hour on the phone going over different possible solutions for my needs. Since it was going into a 4300 lb vehicle with 600hp.. The M2 Mighty-Mite is what we decided on with a upgraded rollerized 6 pinion planetary gearset for extra insurance . After 5k plus miles and approx 30-50 passes "Mid 11's" at the track a year later. I had them build me a 9" Custom converter with Mechanical Diode.. "Because I want to go faster and my old converter was a compromise and not ideal for my setup" while I had the trans out I sent it back to Dynamic just so they could inspect how it was holding up.. The Clutches and bands were in perfect shape!!!
JR WILL NOT sell you something that you don't need.... I'm not just saying this.. I have ran the "other" top names in the C4 world In the past and none come close to this transmission! If you want the very best C4 transmission that you can get, buy it from Dynamic!

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