C4 Fully Rollerized Front Planetary

C4 Fully Rollerized Front Planetary  [DA4FP3]

Condition: New.

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Add Hub & Ring Gear?:

Price: $520.00 / Ea
MSRP: $553.99 / Ea

More Pinions Means More Power to the Wheels!

The 6-Pinion Fully Rollerized planetary, A Dynamic Innovation, replaces the stock weak unit enabling the transmission to handle more horsepower and torque.
The R&D department at Dynamic realized that by taking out the thin thrust washer found underneath each gear and replacing it with a roller bearing heat and wear-producing friction are eliminated.

The friction. not structural weakness, causes failure in the OEM piece.

A 6-pinion non-roller type only increases friction & power-robbing drag, therefore a 6-pinion roller is truly over the top; for the best of the best.

Standard unit is sold without hub and ring gear.

If you require the hub and ring gear with the planetry, please select the option above.

Due to overwhelming demand and limited core supply these units are built to order and can take a few days for delivery.

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