C4 2.20 Gear Set

C4 2.20 Gear Set  [DA4GS2]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

Price: $948.00 / ea

Given the high power levels that DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions can build their C4s to withstand many Fords have been able to stay 'True Blue'  as opposed to the classic old-time breakage remedy of 'Goin' to a Glide'.

It would be a shame then, for an otherwise effective race C4 to be ditched because of a traction problem, just because the Powerglide is available with gear ratio options.

Built, tested, and track-proven, this is true hard core componentry, extremely effective in calming down squirrelly, out of shape Mega HP racers.

Offered in maximum strength 8-pinion versions, all DYNAMIC 2.20 sets are assembled with Torrington bearings to replace the factory spec thrust washers, thereby reducing the friction, heat build-up, and stress that the components are subjected to.

PLEASE NOTE: Does not come with driveshell unless specified. Your oem shell will be used unless the DYNAMIC lightened version is ordered with set. You can send in your own driveshell and for $50 DYNAMIC will modify it and fit it to new 2.20.

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