C4 10" Stage 4 Super Bottle Rocket Converter

C4 10" Stage 4 Super Bottle Rocket Converter  [SBR4A1045]

Condition: New.

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Price: $580.95 / Ea
MSRP: $610.00 / Ea

The TCT 10" Stage 4 C4 Super Bottle Rocket Torque Converter is designed to produce 4100-4500 rpm stall speed.

It is perfect for an all out track car with higher launch rpm requirements that have power adders like nitrous, turbochargers or superchargers. 

It features additional ballooning control inside and completely around the outside diameter plates to prevent splitting and explosion of the converter under severe nitrous loads. Extra thick 360 degree mounting ring with large 7/16" mounting holes. 

Stall speed is based on the amount of torque your engine puts out.

We rate these converters for 700+ horsepower.

If you ihave over 800 hp or run multiple stages of nitrous we recommend you step up to one of our custom built racing converters.

Features Include:

  • Furnace Brazed and welded impeller and turbine
  • Torrington Bearings
  • Heat Treated Drive Hub
  • Billet Steel Turbine Hub
  • 360 degree mounting ring with 7/16" mounting holes
  • Computer Balanced
  • 100% Pressure Tested
  • Made in USA

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