C4 10" Stage 2 Bottle Rocket Converter

C4 10" Stage 2 Bottle Rocket Converter  [BR4A010]

Condition: New.

Availability: In stock.

Price: $390.95 / Ea
MSRP: $415.00 / Ea

This TCT 10" Stage 2 C4 Bottle Rocket Torque Converter is designed to produce 3300-3700 rpm stall speed.

It is perfect for a mild bracket car or street/strip making under 450 horsepower.

If you intend to run nitrous, turbo or supercharger we recommend you step up to our Super Bottle Rocket converter

Features Include:

  • Furnace Brazed and welded impeller and turbine
  • Torrington Bearings
  • Heat Treated Drive Hub
  • Billet Steel Turbine Hub
  • Computer Balanced
  • 100% Pressure Tested
  • Made in USA

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