C-4 Hardened Input Shaft

C-4 Hardened Input Shaft  [DA4-S1]

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Usually, one of the first hard parts to fail when the HP begins to climb is the input shaft.

Any C4-equipped car with heavy modification needs an input shaft constructed of superior metal with proper heat-treating.

Made to fit post-1970 C4's, Dynamic Racing Transmission's hardened shaft, especially when combined with our Solid-Strength Forward Drum, has proven itself countless times in street driven hot rods and competition vehicles as diverse as baja racers, and 1000+ HP Renegade Mustangs.

This is the same shaft that is used at DYNAMIC in all of our high performance C4's including the well known Mighty Mite lineup.

NOTE: When just changing the shaft, no disassembly of the transmission is necessary.

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