727/904 Accumulator Piston Kit

727/904 Accumulator Piston Kit  [22841-04K]

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OE plastic accumulators in listed Chrysler units are prone to breaking and have poor sealing qualities, and metal rings offered with aftermarket accumulators also have sealing issues. The improved design and material of Sonnax accumulator piston kit 22841-04K eliminates cross-leaks between circuits.

  • Rubber D-Rings for superior sealing
  • PTFE guide seal prevents case wear from piston contact
  • Anodized billet aluminum piston for improved durability
  • Piston
  • D-Ring Rubber,Small
  • D-Ring Rubber, Large
  • Scarf-Cut Seal PTFE, Small
  • Scarf-Cut Seal PTFE, Large

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