727 Street & Strip Transmission

727 Street & Strip Transmission  [DT7S1]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

Available Options:

Bellhousing Type:

Core Charge:

Price: $1,490.00 / Ea
MSRP: $1,812.00 / Ea

The Dynamic Racing 727 Street & Strip Transmission gets prepared the same way all of our transmissions do.

Beginning with a complete teardown, jet cabinet cleaning, then machined for better oiling.

We then install new bushings, thrust washers, seal and gaskets.

The valve body gets a complete overhaul and is reworked to give superior shift response for 'spirited' driving retaining the full automatic function and forward shift pattern.

It is then run in on our in-house dynomometer to ensure proper shifting and accurate pressures.

Call for options.

Built to order.

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